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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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3 we'veeseen officers going neighborhood. .trying to get more innormation that could hell them finn the suspeccs..... but so far 3 a double shooting in west ingg baltimore that left a man and a wooan in tte hospital. hospital. 3&t happened shortty before 11
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of mckkan aad wwlbrook avenues. police found a 6- yeer-old woman shot in the leg.... the second victim... a nearby. both are expected to word on suspect and police are searching for theesuspect who stabbed a man happennd around -30 yesterday avvnue near east lafayytte. police found a man lying in the street ... suffering from a stab wwund toothe chest..e pas pronounced deaa at the hospital. an m-t-a bus driver is suspended after getting iito a ffst fight with a teenage girl--- on the bus. bus. it... happened yesterday - downtown. .../ witnesses... pideo... of the... alleged posted it... online....//first on fox tonight melinda roeder .. ... has rraction... from... one of ttose witnesses ...and... m-t-a offfccals. she's live from the bus depot this was aaclear violation of mmt-a policc. and now... investigators are trying to figure out xactlyywhat went wrong.. but at least one
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was out of contrrl... they say she scratched the passenger's face... and even left a bite &pmark oo hhr wrist. wrist. 3 video and naas off top)the videoois shocking. a female m-t-a bus driver... seems to be throwiiggpunnhes at a young girl....she's pinned into a seat.the passenger who recorded this video of the fighh... didn't want to be identified - but tood fox 5 &pit all started over something silly... music.01:41::7-33 "the bus just stopped and the bus drivee got up and walked to the back of the bus to the girl... that's not me. i turned y mussc down. that's not me."she says the driver threatennd to call police... but never dii. when the girl trieddgetting off the bbs... the driver topped her. 01:41:48 "and that'sswhen the bus river hit her. the bus driverrhit herrfirst."it all happened here - downnown but the corner of baltimore aad pacc streett. wwth ssveral witnesses around.m-t-a ooficialsssay they are investigating. ... reviewing
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tte cell phone video... noo posted on youtube...and video the bbs.02:12:59 ""eeve got cameras on our busessand ss will capture his videe from start to finish."m-t-a has a no-eegagement policc. so the driver hhs been uspenddd. 02:14::8 ""nder no circumstances should our bus passengers wwo witnesses the whhle ordeal... say they're stilllshocked bb how it got so violent - sooqiuckly.011:3:40 "that should never happen to &panybody. you should nnverrhav hit me? "melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. funding to put more cameras... - with auddo... on their buses.. a... ppea deal ...for the... "east coast rapist"... is... rejected .... after the suspect ...told the judge...
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e didn't understand.. what was happeningg.. with tte case. case. p3& aaron thomas... is... chared with kidnapping... three teennge trick or treaterr... pnd... aping... two of them... in 2009...//. that... abduction... was the last ... 17 rapes ...and assaults ... dating... &ppo prrsecutors..../ thh... plea deal was cancellee... when thomas admitted... he didnnt understand... the deal. ew... informatiin... out of the... elmo... iiveetigation...//. kevin clash,... the voice of elmm... for the laat 8 years... with an... unnerage... boy..../// t-m-z... obtained....emails... from clash... to the boy... that... sesame street... policy... on... internet quote,... i'' sorry... that i keep talking about sex... with you, .../ it's... driving me insane....//// consensual.... and... started... class... has takenna /- leaveeof absense... prom.. sesame street. tonight... deadlyydrugs.../ . being... sold... over thh counter.../ and... it's... all caught on camera. &p3 lepola explains how these joy
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drugs areebbing disguisedand who's dealinn synthetic marijuana was only availaale over the internet. as our investigation uncovered that is noolongerrthe case. this drug is nowwbeing sold over the counter.... and it's falling into theehands of chiidren. ((vo)) ake a looo.... at captured. among un- men walk up toothis gass station in northwest baltimore. what they walk away with.... is a substance thattdde-a deadly and illegal. thh ootsidd of the package akes the produut appear harmlesss... the label reads scooby snaxx 3:50 theyyre just putting a stamp onnit just to tell people hey thii is nnt for human consumptioo but wink tonight at tenn,what the ana. maaager haddto say when we returned to that gas statiin and started asking questiooss
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aaso, how the d-e-a plans to handle these cases. joy lepola creww are making ppogress on rrpairing an old water main in downtown baltimore. bbltimooe. thh 60-inch main ruptured last week at charles and ast 20-th nearby streets and forced wn several busineeses to close. crews re now preearing to reeove a section of the 90-year-old pipe... which will has reopeeed a few blocc of - charles stteet, but it remains closed at north worr on when repairsswilllfinished. a... nnw... reeoot... shows... baltimore residents... aae... only as healthy... as thhii neighborhoods. the... for... political and eonomic studies.... found... people... living in baltimore'ss.. ower-income... neighborhoods... have... a... those... in - more... ffluent aaees..../// it... varied by... as... much as ...30 yyars... betweee the citt's poorest... and wealttiest... peighborhoods....//... people... lived longest.... in... the... greater... rolaad paak area... in... nortt ballimore,.../// 86.. yearr...../
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and... ssortest... in upton... druid hhights,.../ 56.7 years.senator alarming. "to me its shocking that in life expectancy in ourrce - ommunity, basee uuon where you live, that is not acceptabb" acceptable." the study... pointed to... such asspoor quality unsafe stteets... p . and... access... to healthful foods. a new wrinnle in the sex scandal that led o the resignation of cia director david petraeus. petraeus. now... the op... uus commmnder... in afghanistan... is... under investigation... p for... potential... inappropriaae emails... ith the woman &p...who started ... the... fbi investiiation...//.craig boswell... has... more... on the new ddvel. developmentt. general ohn allen.."tte""top u.s. commander in now under investigation for "allegee" iiappropriate commmnications pith the woman at the cennerr of the petraeus sex ssandal. the pentagon saas tte
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thousands of emails with jill says sheereceived threatening pmails from general avii petraaus's mistress - paula broadwell. those emails led to the orginial fbi investigationnthat uncoveree the xtramariial affaii little says: "while thiss matter is under invvssigation and before the facts are remain commander oo isaf." - petraaus resiined friday nddttere are questions about the actual timiig and lenggh of his afghanistan that could pen up him to prosecution under militarr law.panetta says: "we obviously are going to watch this closely to deterrinn just eeactly wwen that took place." defense ecretary leon panntta replaced generrl petraeus when he took over the cia. phornberry says: "this thhng gets even more biiarre and we aae all ocusee on the personal interactionssbut there are serious questions f nationaa securityy"
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general allen denies any wronn doing aad is currently nommnated to become commander of thh european command. boswell says: "allen's conffrmatiin hearing for that jobbis nno on hold. lawmakers still want to know hyythey were kept in the dark about investigation. in i - washington craig boswelllfox how are the oads lookkng tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edgeereport. mapllberty40shawan map 395maps p, new tonight at 5:30...a
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retired state rooper is being his trainingg came back to him when hii life.. and the livvs f others... ere put on the line. 3 believe it or not, a secessionnst movement is afoot. less than 244hours after president obama won re- election... petitions aae up ii several states to become pheir oon countriess and eeks after hurricane sandy leaves its mark parts of piece if the coastal cityyis &pset to be rebuiit.
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♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. pngry ... over... the electton results? enough... to leave the unitee statts?the... re-election... of.. president pbama has sparked... 31- states.../ including texas.../ to... fill petitionn... with theewhite house... to secede. secede.most of those petitions texas' petition haa nearly 50- thousand.karen kileyyoffk-e- y-e in austin... hassmore on momentum. &p3 18:3 texas is amazing,
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evvryone knows thatthe lone sparrow: 19:31 i wish thhy would secedecall ittpoot election push back, thh hottest onlineecraze- signing on to support texas breakkng free from the fedd. pprrow: 20:20 i hink the counnry would be bettee without texas. erika hernaadez 18:47 do you all. it's like a facebook like days then it's gone. tom connolly 18:08 i think it's probably not tto serious, time soon, but it's pretty worr3 funnnan ooline petitiio asks the hite house to let texans form their own goverment. pointing out texas has a balanced budget and a large pconomy, the petition claims "ii is practicaaly feasible for texas to withdraw from the & nion"09:44 i think that sort of wallz oof on it's own is prettt problematic. it also is a rooest gesture and this nnthing more. jim henssn is the director of the texas politics project, at ut. while seriously - hh poinns out the
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billions in federal aid, not to mention border security pexasswould forfeit.09:40 that pould all be gone under this scenario.but texas isn't &palone. peopll ffom 24 other states have fiied siiilar &ppetitions. but only texas ha rrached the number f votes requiree for a white house pesponse.19:01 that's ridiculous to me, they have more iiporranttthings to focus &pthere are no laws either &ppllowwng or forbidding a stat to secede... for any state. and its our question of the da. day...should statee e able to ? secede? amy writes oo our faceeook page...." let themmgo." houss divvded against itself cannottstand." thaa ssuuds fami. familiar. a lot of response on this question and most people believe its a mistake for states to secede go to fox-baltimooe doo com you can also sound off through &pfacebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 452033 enter fox45a for yes.. or &pfox45bbfoo no.
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3 &pcards this holiday season.the new ttends that will provide shoopers with the bigggst return. and weeks later... peopleein parts of new york... are still company seems to be strrggling witt getting everyone ack online. 3 --addlib weather tz--
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thousands of residents.... on... long island....are still in the daak.../ .. áweeksá... after super storm sandy. sandy.the long isllnd power service to the area... says the storm waa worse than anyone couud hhve imagined. homes and officcs have had power restored.but as of this morning... bout 19-thousand customers are still waiting.
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closer o home... / the ocean city pier... left damaged... by sandy... will soon be... rebuilt..../ that'... meehan... / who says the pier... has the town and its visitors...//. meehan... in time for the summmr rebuilt - expected to be very expensive. -- react to story -- rain for much of the morning...
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3 a marriage broken uu over pooiticss..the aat that landed a man's wife in jail... and her husband in thh hospital... poming up. a bird inside an aafillate of -
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the pharmacy... at the center of deadly meningitts outbreak. also uncovered other unsteeile conditions and failures at pmeridose l-l-c... including improper claasiiicction of patient complaints.the findings were detaiied in a 20- page report. aaeriiose issued a statement saying it is, quote: "ccmmitted to pddressing all observations." the westborough, massacchsetts-based ccmpany england compounding center phat's been blamedd or a nationwide outbreak of funnal llast 31
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people... including a pptient in maryland... have ied. digiial tablets... such as the i-pad and kkndle... can boost reading speees in people witt researchers looked at a hundrrd people with eye diseases anddfound reading speed increased by more than using an i-pad with an when - pighteen point ont setting. patients with the poorest visioo... howed thh most improvement in reading speed when using tablets compared with print books or neespapers. the eam beliives thh contrast etween words and the back-lit screen was is one reason why. americans... up... billions... in gift - card... purchasss... this holiday seeson...../ karin... caifa... explaiis... a new survey... offers... insight... into ...some trends... that... can... bring... gift card givvrs... and recipients... / 3ang for thh buck. --reporter pkg-as follows -- the gift card game has changed over the last few years. the card act of 2009 extended many
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terms and conditions to gift cardd, ut a new survey shows coosumers sttll need o be &pinnthe lead-up to the holiday shopping seaaon, bankrate looked at 63 gifttcards, issued by bbnks and credit card companies, aad 55 from retailers and restaurants. general use gift cards were far more likely to have fees atttched. puuchase fees ranged froo $2.95 to $6.95. iiactivity fees coull eat up 3 dollars perrmonth after the first yeer. the trade off: morr ffeedom.that's the biggest advantage of one of the general purpose gift cards is the flexibility it giies to card to. store branded gift cards you have to use at the chain or the branddso hat fees that come with those ewer cards. two-thirds of issuers said thee would replace lostt or stolen cards, though ome require that you register the card or have aareccipt. consumers should looo on the to do to protect ttemselves.-
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and 95 percent of the cardss surveyed ddd not have an exxirationndate. for consumer watch, i'm karinncaifa. 3 new toniiht at 5::0...amazing video of a car ccashing into several other cars... but it's what the driver plowed through first that has many people talking. and, a retired swwt team &ppember stares down the barrel of a gun.i'm paul gessler.what 5:30.ronn target... new at - 3 --adblib weather tz-- --adblib weather tz-- well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a blood ddive to helppthe
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inside theecafeteria where a shot a few mmnths ago. ago.karee parks sslive


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